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. >> they helps us give us something that woundn't be available on their own. >> out's helpful for a young entrepreneur. >> st. louis' was one of the first in the country. >> it's a little different than the way people think of business majors. when you study finance and accounting, everyone is focused on profit. as a new start up, you are years away from profitability. we talk cash flow. >> new york culinary institute of america teaches established chefs how to take care of the business side of their operation. >> for chefs to be successful today or more successful than chefs have been of this generation, they have to reconcile those two opposing forces. their creative instincts. >> you have to have motivation. >> money. >> you have to be willing to take risks. you have to know what you are doing. >> they are focused on nurturing that entrepreneurial bug before they are out of school. it helps thousands of teenagers from around the country gain the skills needed to start a small business. the mission is chronicled in the documentary. >> being able to root me and and keep going when i felt
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1